Want to Sell Your Property?

We'll buy it fast and we can pay cash.

Does any of this sound familiar ?

  • You Inherited this Property and Want Quick Cash for instead ?
  • You've Owned this Property For Years and Are Tired of Paying Property Taxes on It ?
  • You Thought You were going to use it one day but its too far away ?
  • You've tried to sell, but buyers don't follow through ?
  • You're Tired of Ungrateful Tenants and Clogged Toilets ?
  • The property needs work and you aren't interested in putting in any more money ?
  • You Bought This Property as an Investment, and selling it would be a big tax burden ?
  • Or, Is holding onto the property just too expensive?

If ANY of this sounds like you, just know you are not alone and we want to help you.  We invest in your area and WE WANT TO MAKE AN OFFER ON YOUR PROPERTY.   We are not Realtors or Brokers, and are not asking for you to list your property with us; we want to buy your property and can pay you cash for it.

Some benefits of working with us:

Quick Closings -  We can close transactions quickly!  We know your time is the most important thing you have, and we want to help solve your problem fast.

We Pay Cash  - With us the offer you see is the offer you will get.  You will not have to worry about financing contingencies or banks or unpredictable delays in getting cash in your pocket.

OR If You Are an Investor -  We can help you keep the monthly cash flow you are used to, without the hassles of managing tenants and unclogging toilets.  We can even structure a sale to help you avoid capital gains and depreciation recapture.

We Pay All The Fees and Closing Costs (Including Back Taxes if there are any) -  You will not have to come out of pocket for any fees to get the sale done.

No Broker Contracts - We are offering to buy your property, not list it.

Simplified Sale Process - We know how to make the transactions as smooth as possible.


If this sounds good and you are interested in walking away from your property with cash in your pocket, fill out this questionnaire about your property now.

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"We had been throwing money away on this property for years.  We are really grateful someone wanted to help us solve our problem.  Thank You !"

- Edna and Ronald G, Pueblo, Colorado


"Joe was really understanding of our situation and explains everything very well.  He did exactly what he promised and more."

-Kim M, Santa Fe, New Mexico


"We inherited this house and we weren't going to be able to do anything to it without spending a lot of money.  We were really happy they wanted to buy it in the condition it was in!"

- Thomas C, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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