Who We Are

First American Property Buyers is a real estate acquisition company based in the Western United States.  We have been buying land throughout the country since 2013 and we are looking to expand.

Mission Driven

Our Mission  is to help people just like you liquidate their unwanted properties quickly and easily.  We want to help you solve your problem.  If you’re looking for fast cash in exchange for your unwanted real estate, submit your property information to us today!

What will First American Property Buyers do with my property?

The answer depends on the property type and condition.
  • Residential Real Estate:  We are not “House Flippers” or “House Wholesalers.”  We buy residential real estate to hold for the long term and are committed to improving the communities we invest in.  This means our offers on residential property can usually beat out wholesalers and flippers.  In fact, we are the type of investors that wholesalers and flippers sell to.  By going with us, you get to keep all or some of their fee.
  • Vacant Land:  The story is different here.  Because of the carrying costs of vacant land, our first goal is typically to find another end user, usually as soon as possible and with a sale below the full market price.  As you already know, all of the expenses on vacant land like property taxes add up really quickly.
  • If the property falls outside of our areas of expertise, it is very likely we will work to find another end user for the property.
What kind of properties is First American Property Buyers looking for?
We are looking for all types of properties: Vacant Land, Single Family Homes, Multifamily Residential, Industrial, Self Storage, Etc.  If you are motivated to sell the property, you should fill out the online form for us to evaluate it.
How much does it cost to submit my property?
There is absolutely no cost to submitting your property information through the online form.
Who will pay the closing costs?
We Will.  All of them.  We do this to make it easy for you to work with us.

Next Steps…

The best way to find out if we are a good match for one another is for you to fill out our property form so that we can make offer on your property.  We will typically respond quickly with an offer or with any follow up questions to better understand your needs and the property.

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